Frequently Asked Questions

Can we see your font Selection?

Yes, we have literally thousands of font choices. Please see links below to our popular wall sticker fonts.

Jaklot wall art fonts 1 / Jaklot formal fonts 2 / Jaklot popular fonts 3

Where can I apply the wall stickers?

Our wall stickers can be applied on most flat and smooth surfaces including painted walls, tiles, most wall papers, painted plaster, wood, metals, plastic and glass. Our Matt vinyl range is for interior use while we have a gloss range for exterior applications.

Where can’t I apply the wall stickers?

Our wall stickers are not recommended for use on any rough textured surface. If you are unsure please ask us before you buy. They will NOT adhere to cloth, brick, cement/filler render or similar rough surfaces, including some wallpapers and anti mould paint (silicon/Teflon additives will repel adhesives on all vinyls). We recommend that you order a vinyl sample square from us if you are unsure.

How easy are wall stickers to install?

Our wall stickers are very easy to install, even if you’ve never installed one before. With every order you’ll receive a full colour step by step fitting instruction sheet. Please also check out our Facebook page as we will be posting great handy tips from time to time.

Can the wall stickers be removed?

Our wall stickers can be removed with ease. It’s a simple case of gently heating the wall sticker with a hair dryer and then gently peeling the sticker off the wall.

Can I return the wall stickers for a refund?

No problem at all. We understand that in some cases you just might want your money back. As long as you send back the stickers in exactly the same condition as you received them we’ll gladly refund you the minus postage (see terms). The wall sticker(s) must be returned to us according to the timescales set in our terms and conditions. Please note personalised wall stickers are non refundable.

I’ve just painted my wall, will it be OK?

We recommend that you wait for at least 3 weeks between painting your wall and applying your sticker.

How are your wall stickers packaged?

Our wall and window stickers are prepared in-house and then rolled in secure postal tubes for shipping. We have a Royal Mail Business account which we use to send all packages. Please see our shipping rates and options in the “About Jaklot Page”

How long do your wall stickers last?

Your wall stickers will be manufactured from Avery Premium Matt and Gloss Vinyl that is guaranteed by the manufacturer for a minimum of 4-5 years. They can however last much longer than this with interior applications.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do, please see our shipping options and rates on our Delivery page.